Revolutionize your customer experience with our generative AI

Diabolocom's proprietary generative AI models are specifically designed for customer relations: transcription, call summary and tagging, sentiment analysis, quality monitoring, voicebot.

Integrate them easily via our APIs and optimize customer satisfaction and operational costs.

Diabolocom AI leverages the power of generative AI to improve customer satisfaction
Dibaolocom AI generates call summaries to support call center agents
Diabolocom AI features: transcription, categorization, call summary and sentiment analysis.
Diabolocom AI facilitates customer relations through the use of AIs
Diabolocom AI is based on proprietary technology, adapted to customer relations.

Proprietary, sovereign and scalable AI technologies

Hosted on a European Cloud, Diabolocom AIs are based on proprietary technologies specifically designed for customer relations.

Our AI models adapt to all your needs, including large-scale ones, and ensure controlled costs. They are easily accessible in our API library. Discover them in just a few clicks!

Call transcription

  • Transcribe customer interactions into usable text, instantly and in any language.

  • Use transcribed conversations and voice messages directly in your CRM and business tools.

  • Accelerate resolution and follow-up of customer requests thanks to conversation history.

Diabolocom AI offers instant call transcription in any language.
Diabolocom AI generates interaction summaries and predicts churn.

Call summary and next action detection

  • Automatically generate summaries in a variety of customizable formats, including headings, paragraphs and bullet points.

  • Integrate the resulting summaries with your CRM and other tools to provide advisors with context for future customer interactions.

  • Process and automate the agent's promises identified in the summary: send an e-mail, call back, issue a commercial gesture.

Automatic call tags

  • Classify and sort interactions according to predefined, configurable criteria: call reason, emergency level, department concerned.

  • Understand and respond effectively to customer requests based on data to optimize their satisfaction.

  • Identify trends and recurring problems to be proactive.

Generative AIs categorize interactions according to defined criteria.
Diabolocom AI analyzes sentiment and personalizes post-call treatment to reduce churn.

Sentiment analysis

  • Detect customers' feelings of satisfaction or irritation during interactions.

  • Easily use the data collected to understand your customers and refine your scoring, beyond NPS

  • Predict and detect risky interactions, personalize post-call treatment and help reduce churn.


reduction in customer context taking time


reduction in post-call processing costs


reduction in churn rate


reduction in advisor evaluation time

Diabolocom AI analyzes sentiment and personalizes post-call treatment to reduce churn.

Our AI for an exceptional customer experience

Diabolocom's sentiment and data analysis enables companies to understand their customers better.

This knowledge is invaluable for personalizing your communications, improving the responsiveness of your services, and detecting potential customer dissatisfaction.

Facilitate the implementation of preventive retention and loyalty actions!

Diabolocom utilise les IAs génératives pour réduire les coûts opérationnels et aider à la décision

Our AI for significant operational gains

Our AIs are designed to help and assist teleconsultants by automating a wide range of repetitive, time-consuming tasks and aiding decision-making.

Call center agents are more available and valued. They spend more quality time with customers, enabling a significant reduction in operational costs and an increase in sales.

Tried and approved

Companies of all sectors and sizes use our APIs and have seen a significant improvement in their KPIs.

"The Diabolocom solution has enhanced our customer experience and increased staff productivity by reducing the need for manual voicemail handling. This has been a great step forward for Culligan France."

Craig Skipper

Head of IT Service Delivery (EMEA), Culligan International